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Casket, Urn, Outer Burial & Alternative Container Price List

(Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.)

You may choose only those items you desire. If you are charged for items you did not specifically request, we will explain the reason for the charge on the written memorandum. Please note that there may be charges for items such as crematory fee, flowers, and newspaper notices.

Casket Price List

Unique Casket or Like (non-gasket) - $995
Colors available: Silver, Coppertone, White and Pink (Crepe Interiors)

Unique Casket Line (gasket) - $1,495
Colors: Blue, Silver, White shaded Gold and Pink /Crepe Interiors

Unique Casket 100353 Pearl Rose 20 Gauge (gasket) - $1,725
Pink/White Trim Pink Crepe Interior

Unique Casket Going Home 20 Gauge (gasket) - $1,725
Colors: Blue or Coppertone (Crepe Interior)

New Pointe 20 Gauge Steel (non-gasket) - $2,150
Star Copper Beige Crepe Interior or Star Silver w/ White Crepe Interior

New Pointe 20 Gauge Sirrus (gasket) - $2,250
Silver Twill Interior

Batesville Q88 20 Gauge (gasket) - $2,325
Interior/Crepe Silver, Rosetan, Blue

Batesville Q809A Ivory Gold (gasket) - $2,395
White Crepe Interior

Batesville 20 Gauge S41 –816-B (gasket) Moss Pink - $2,450
Moss Pink Drexel / Crepe Interiors; Other colors: Antique Blue & Silver Tuscany

Unique Blue Sky 18 Gauge (gasket) - $2,525
Power Blue w/Blue Twill Interior

Deutsch Rose Garden 18 Gauge (gasket) - $2,600
Orchid Silver / Pink Frost Twill Interior

Batesville 18 Gauge T18-817-D (gasket) Ivory Gold - $2,960
Ivory Drexel Crepe Interior

Unique Vaulted Urn Brushed Series (gasket) - $3,150
Gold, White, Green, Blue, Dark Bronze, Plum, Orchid, Tiger Eye, Silver Twill Interior

Batesville 18 Gauge H66-813-D (gasket) Tuscany - $3,250
Moss Pink Drexel Crepe Interior

Batesville Hardwood 20A-880-HD - $3,525
Woodbridge Pecan w/ Champagne Velvet Interior Solid Pecan

Batesville 18 Gauge A58-818-DN (gasket) - $3,625
White Rose with Moss Pink Velvet Interior

Batesville 18 Gauge C57-820-DH (gasket) - $3,800
Crystal Blue w/ Light Blue Velvet Interior

Batesville Stainless Steel DG2-8D9-HLH (gasket) - $4,650
Anthem Silver, Veterans Memorial Theme Ivory Velvet Interior

Batesville Hardwood 3XI-825-DH Pieta Maple - $4,875
Champagne Velvet Interior Traditional Maple

Batesville Stainless Steel (gasket) UA7-833-DH Fawn - $5,210
Champagne Velvet Interior w/ Basic Brushed Stainless Steel

Batesville 320z Copper Y33-*33-TDH (gasket) Imperial - $5,725
Silver beige Velvet Interior      
Batesville Hardwood 809-892-LH Mahogany - $5,850
Eggshell Velvet Interior Traditional Mahogany

Batesville Solid Bronze W09-892-IDH (gasket) - $8,925
Champagne Velvet Interior Solid Brushed Bronze

Unique Casket Vernon 29” Shaded/Pinstriped (gasket) - $3,450
Colors: Black, Gold, Green, Silver, White, Pink, Blue, Tan, Bronze
(Fits in standard grave liner) Crepe interior.

Unique Casket Vernon 32” Shaded/Pinstriped (gasket) - $3,935
Colors: Gold, White, Silver, Blue, Brown, Pink. Crepe interior     

Cremation Urns

P375    Birds Eye Maple – Memory Chest - $875.25
P331M    Cornerstone – Granite - $750.75
P350    Cambridge - $525.75
P345    Salute Hardwood - $780
P331W    Octagon Cherry - $825.75
P376    Life Scenes Urn - $690.00

P570M     Water Lily W/ Display - $1,160.50
P524     Blue Cloisonné - $575
P528     Pink Cloisonné - $575
P581     Hallmark Spice - $697.50

P612     Sapphire Seas - $1,118.75
P440     Jewel – Green - $375.50
P440A     Moonstone White - $375.50
P650     Purity - $210
P300P     Pebble Dust Marbelon – Cylinder - $295.50
P310P     Pebble Dust Marbelon – Square - $295.50
P440B     Sedona – Red - $295.50

P565     Woodsman - $1,550
P540     Remembrance - $786.25
P530     Simplicity - $730.75
P521     Cube - $625
P500     Tranquility - $375
P315     Infant Urn - $595
P370    Camelot - $595.50

Outer Burial Container

In most areas of the country, state or local law does not require that you buy a container to surround the casket in the grave. However, many cemeteries require that you have such a container so that the grave will not sink in.  

Poly Plastic Liner (Heavy Duty) - $500

Concrete Grave Liner (Wilbert) - $1,350
Heavy concrete construction (non-sealer reinforced with steel and wire mesh)

Monticello Grave Vault (Wilbert) - $2,150
Heavy concrete construction in base of unit. A special nameplate is provided with 6 Die Cast handles.

Continental Grave Vault (Wilbert) - $2,395
Seamless strentex inner liner; 6 Die Cast Handles; Hand finished two-tone finish with nameplate.

Venetian Grave Vault (Wilbert) - $2,950
Extra heavy construction in the base and cover. There is a seamless ABS marbelon base and cover liner. There is a special nameplate upon request.

Copper Triune (Wilbert) - $4,397
Mid-line double reinforced with copper and high impact ABS Trilon thermo plate reinforced cover and base. There is a rich copper beauty with a brass me moralization plus capsule.

Bronze Triune (Wilbert) - $4,725
A 32oz. Bronze Vault with external overlay on cover. It is specially formulated on high strength structural concrete in the base and cover. It has a Bronze interior liner. There is an exclusive unidex bonding system and unique manufacturing cast bronze nameplate.  

DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES: Ben Davis Funeral Home makes no representations or warranties regarding the outer burial containers listed. The only warranties expressed or implied granted in connection with the outer containers does the manufacturer thereof extend the expressed written warranties if any. Ben Davis Funeral Home expressly disclaims all warranties expressed or implies relating to the Outer Burial Containers including but not listed to the implies warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Alternative Container

If you want to arrange a direct cremation, you can use an alternative container. Alternative containers encase the body and can be made of materials like fiberboard or composition materials (with or without an outside covering). The containers we provide are listed below.

Burial Pouch - $175

Cremation Tray (Cardboard) - $150 

Cremation Tray (Fiberboard) - $190

Cremation Tray (Combination) - $240

Shipping Air Tray (Standard) - $295 

Combination Air Shipping Tray - $395

*Additional Selections and Manufacturers Are Available Upon Request.

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